Past Journeys

Making a transition to a new site is not always easy. Is the timing right? Is the host site right? What ever the circumstance may be, I am taking a chance and making a change. This year I have done many and leaving it wide open. Though I am not a frequent blogger. As there are times that I can write several times a month then a have dry period. Now I am trying to simplify things with an ever growing family and schedule that is somewhat busy. I would like to continue to strive to be organized while go with the flow if that can co-exist. In our world we all try.

This page provides the link below to read my past journey’s, our moments, a glimpe into our world and a trip on our daily roller coaster ride. My Past Journey’s 2014 through 2018 from my Google Account from Blogger

Thank you for being a part our life, no matter how big or small, every moment counts!

Until Next Time…Make It A Great Day!

God Bless