Taking a Family Adventure with Littles

Currently a large family of ten, we tend to find ways to spend our free time doing a day trip with family or a weekend trip here and there. The reality of it travelling with five littles who have differentBlog Beach special needs make travelling somewhat an adventure to say the least.

However, a couple of years ago during spring break we spent a three-day weekend at the beach. A place that all our children love.  Who doesn’t, right? Funny thing, I really do not like the sand, but I tolerate it and seeing how much joy it brings everyone, is totally worth it. Upon our return home, I happened to answer a telephone call which low and be hold was a sales call from a major hotel vacation chain. Instead of doing what I usually do by asking the caller to place our number on a “do not call list” I listened to the pitch. They made us an offered to vacation for 6 days 5 nights in Hawaii for a fee that was less than two months of car payments not including air fare and we had a year to plan. After thinking about it for a few minutes; for some crazy reason I said YES!

Think about it, where would a family of ten be able to go for that kind of money let alone Hawaii…..so we started planning. Watched for airfares (yes I found great rates). I know what your thinking…yes, the trip came with some restrictions. We had to listen to a presentation at some point in our trip and we did. Other than that, we made memories to last a lifetime.  We still speak of that trip and look at varies pictures often.

Now, here wereBlog Hawaii are again a couple of years later where about a year ago; planned a trip back to Hawaii for a couple of reasons. Now it is not just the ten of us going, it is fourteen. (we have added a few) We are celebrating a graduation, birthdays and that fact that my husband rarely takes time away from work so this trip is much-needed. To be tourists, to see the sights that we were not able to see that last time we were there, to cherish the time that we are together, to laugh, to eat whatever, to be adventurous and to just decompress from reality for a period of time.

Just to Be!

Looking back at our last trip, I worried about the flights with the littles. Their needs and being over stimulated. My sanity! The sanity of Others! You hear all the horror stories of in-flight issues with children. The last thing I wanted was to be the one on the viral video all over YouTube. Nevertheless, I was fully prepared with everything; tablets, headphones, snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, toys, WiFi, you name I had and only one had an issue. One little has a seizure but as much as I think we have it under control that situation we cannot. In the end, no viral video.

Now as I am coming up on our trip, I worry about the same issues. I understand my children but I also respect everyone around me. So, I am gearing up again. With everyone a couple of years older, needs somewhat the same but different. I think I may need new criteria to add to the bags. This time we opted for one straight flight, no Blog Familyconnecting flights, no just making it to the next flight with minutes to spare because one little waited to the last minute for a restroom break. Somehow they just do not understand airplanes do not wait for restroom breaks.

For all who travel with children, one or multiples, the novice or experts…as I think I have it pretty much figured out, I am always looking or researching for ideas. Currently my big issue is the car seat. I know that it is not required but I feel it would be so beneficial for our two-year to sit in one during the flight. So if you have any information, please let me know, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Learning something new each day is wonderful. GOD BLESS

  • “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”  Helen Keller

Until Next Time…Make It A Great Day!


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