A Stay-Cation from Our Vacation

Coming home after being on a family vacation for the last ten days, I am allowed to say that I could really use a stay-cation from our vacation. I am not kidding when I say that. Having CRPS as much as I push through things, put a smile on, there are times that I just want to lay in bed and sleep.

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This is one of those times. I know that flare ups come and go needless to say I will still push through but thankful for the support system we have put in place to allow in case of emergencies, for added help to be there at a moment’s notice.

Thus, trying to get back into our normal routine is not so great. Twenty-four hours back but being three hours ahead that our bodies are still not on the same clock. Not so funny! I really should have thought about cancelling therapy services until next week because honestly nobody wants to do anything right at this moment including me except lounge around and sleep. I think we should be able too…who really wants to unpack – to count 6 pieces of luggage for that matter. I am still in vacation mode and so are our Littles. Plus, the fact it is summer break…they are in vacation mode, pool mode, whatever mode you can think of and rightfully so!

All said and done, we did have an exceptional vacation. Many memories made. Many stories to be told for years to come and no need to say more as we wrapped up on our trip home.

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As I have said before I never want to be the one that finds anyone of us via social media by way of someone’s cellular video phone due to a situation that I could not handle on the air flight. As we have seen many viral videos tend not to do anyone any justice.

Cardyn sick flight

However, our flight home was very eventful with one of our littles spiking a very high fever approximately an hour into our flight (due to an ear infection) thus needing inflight medical assistance. Once our little was quickly attended too shortly thereafter another passenger on board had a major medical issue which was quickly attended to as well.

I cannot say how much the entire flight crew was on top of everything, how compassionate each were and how each one went over and beyond the scope of their job along with the two passengers that had medical training who were nothing more than saints. Everything happens for a reason and we are truly grateful and blessed to be on the flight we were.

Even more so, I am thankful for these Peeps, The Big Island of Peace and Tranquility which has been stowed upon us All…GOD BLESS!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Until Next Time…Make It A Great Day!


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