Expanding Our Crazy Big Family by TWO

First of all I want to say thank you for each and everyone that takes the time to stop by my blog. I am not sure how in detailed anyone reads my lengthy journal posts but if anyone has been following my blog then you have caught on that I have given details here and there about our current adoption process. Though I have not given too many details, I have given some through journal posts as well as by way of social media. A few day earlier with a possible match and some research into our current home study, it rests heavy on my heart to share more in depth our journey.

So let me take you back to the beginning of our new hopeful journey through private domestic adoption. Last April 2017, my hubby and I discussed extensively adding to our family again, not by one but by two. Thus because as I have said in prior posts, I do not love or think odd numbers are great nor do they work in the universe. Hence TWO! So we discussed together, as a family, faithfully prayed then reached out to an adoption consultant that came by way of referral but also just happened to start popping up in my social media news feed (maybe it is true social media knows what we are thinking..lol) No really, I truly do not think there are coincidences but subtle hints of things to come as there are reasons for everything in life. After many weeks of pondering, watching many posts, praying; I made contact. Lengthy one at that.

May 2017, I had our phone interview and spilled our life story. Not to forget the main reason, our reason of wanting to adopt TWO! Twins and how adamant I was that God had a plan for our family. Little did I know at the time, our journey was going to take us on a path that we would ever come to fathom. As we understood over the years adoption through the foster care system, we began to quickly learn the differences on the domestic side of things. Though we had an approved home study through our county, it was not the right home study. Therefore, we needed a new one, a correct one. As we searched via the internet a for an agency, a friend of mine, gave a referral to a local company. I made contact again. Thus, spilling our life story and our specific intentions of adopting two. Finally I felt we were on the right track, adoption consultant on board and new home study started and all going as planned. Well let me just say, after six months almost to the day from the day we made contact with the home study agency, we were informed that they could not finish due to an internal policy that nobody decided catch along with being told our social worker was inexperience though she had been in the field for fifteen plus years. Needless to say, they could not give anything in writing to support their decision. However they did provide a letter to refund our money but lets just say we are still waiting for our money.

So here the holidays are in full swing and we are back to the beginning in January 2018. Me being me, found a local company, again very upfront with our situation and here we go again, application for a new home started. All the while, props to our adoption consultant as their entire team stuck it out with us. Prayed for us, listened to me when I just needed to vent through whatever mounds of duplicate paperwork we needed to complete. Plus just their patience in the process that ended up being a little over fifteen months for us to become active with their consulting agency from the first day I made contact.

Now that we are in the active stage with a very specific home study but truly did not find out how specific until a few days ago when we had a possible match of “one”. We are hopeful to adopt two, we went into this hopeful to adopt Twins. Knowing that it is not always the plan; Twins not always easy to come by and if God had it in our path then it will be. However it was discussed that if Twins were not an option then it may be possible to do a back to back adoption as that may be a possibility. As we have been very open about wanting to adoption Twins, we would be just was open about the back-to-back adoption as well. We wrote a letter again; a synopsis of our life story and our intentions for adoption. Well as a possible match came, it made me question our home study thus we found that a back-to-back adoption is not as easy as we thought. Therefore, I came full forward again that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and we cannot force anything. We came into this process with a specific intention. TWINS! One that I saw clearly, I cannot change the rules as my husband says. We believe Twins will be a part of our family and our path of life. Since becoming active, we have been presented with thirty-four cases. Cases, expectant mothers, fathers and babies, that we prayed over everyone involved, some said yes to, some said no to but not one has been our Yes…our two yes’ are still out there!

“I prayed for this child/children” – Samuel 1:27

As much as I can say it has been an emotional roller coaster plus I am sure hardly nothing to what an expectant mother and/or father is and will be going through but I know all in all our little blessings (two) have not set forth on our path. Still firmly believing our Twins will make their way into our family. I fully understand that with adoption comes brokenness, sadness but also hopefulness, joy and a great love for one another. There is no easy answer in the adoption world, it is easy turn a blind eye to so many things but that is not a true picture of reality. Adoption is bittersweet and a true love all wrapped up in one.

“Adoption has the dimension of connection — not only to your own tribe, but beyond, widening the scope of what constitutes love, ties and family. It is a larger embrace. By adopting, we stretch past our immediate circles and, by reaching out, find an unexpected sense of belonging with others.” Isabella Rossellini

Until then our big crazy family will be waiting for the next TWO to make their arrival to further share and be a part of our love, laughter, adventures and day to day craziness.



Until Next Time…Make it a Great Day

xoxo Julie

A Stay-Cation from Our Vacation

Coming home after being on a family vacation for the last ten days, I am allowed to say that I could really use a stay-cation from our vacation. I am not kidding when I say that. Having CRPS as much as I push through things, put a smile on, there are times that I just want to lay in bed and sleep.

Blog Hawaii4

This is one of those times. I know that flare ups come and go needless to say I will still push through but thankful for the support system we have put in place to allow in case of emergencies, for added help to be there at a moment’s notice.

Thus, trying to get back into our normal routine is not so great. Twenty-four hours back but being three hours ahead that our bodies are still not on the same clock. Not so funny! I really should have thought about cancelling therapy services until next week because honestly nobody wants to do anything right at this moment including me except lounge around and sleep. I think we should be able too…who really wants to unpack – to count 6 pieces of luggage for that matter. I am still in vacation mode and so are our Littles. Plus, the fact it is summer break…they are in vacation mode, pool mode, whatever mode you can think of and rightfully so!

All said and done, we did have an exceptional vacation. Many memories made. Many stories to be told for years to come and no need to say more as we wrapped up on our trip home.

blog hawaii1

As I have said before I never want to be the one that finds anyone of us via social media by way of someone’s cellular video phone due to a situation that I could not handle on the air flight. As we have seen many viral videos tend not to do anyone any justice.

Cardyn sick flight

However, our flight home was very eventful with one of our littles spiking a very high fever approximately an hour into our flight (due to an ear infection) thus needing inflight medical assistance. Once our little was quickly attended too shortly thereafter another passenger on board had a major medical issue which was quickly attended to as well.

I cannot say how much the entire flight crew was on top of everything, how compassionate each were and how each one went over and beyond the scope of their job along with the two passengers that had medical training who were nothing more than saints. Everything happens for a reason and we are truly grateful and blessed to be on the flight we were.

Even more so, I am thankful for these Peeps, The Big Island of Peace and Tranquility which has been stowed upon us All…GOD BLESS!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Until Next Time…Make It A Great Day!


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